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The brand new Voice Rhapsody is a new generation 29-inch carbon hardtail mountain bike frame. With a trendy progressive geometry and multiple industry-leading technologies, it is built for the more challenging cross-country race courses we see today. Some of the highlights of this bike include T47 threaded bottom bracket, internal cable routing, 30.9mm seat post diameter, Boost 148mm rear hub spacing, flatmount disc brakes, the capability to install 3 bottle cages, anti-collision upper headset
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Impact Strength EnhancedISE Design Principle
Based on the intended riding environment, we ditched the usual approach of a frame design where either stiffness being prioritised or strength being prioritised. By carefully shrinking the diameter of the tubing based on extensive calculation and simulation, we effectively achieved a slightly thicker tubing structure on the new Rhapsody without any weight penalty. This drastically improves the ability to handle bigger impact on key areas such as the downtube, seatstays and chainstays. This also improves the frame’s shock absorbing capacity and overall structural integrity, so that there is a better chance for the frame to stay in tack when unfortunate incidents, such as crashes, happen.

SAS Shock Absorption System
By utilising carbon fibre layup and by manipulating tubing shapes, different areas of the new Rhapsody are demonstrating different characteristics and behaviours. The top tube, seat tube and seat stays form the upper shock absorbing zone on the frame. These three components are designed to be flat in shape, hence providing great flexibility, compliance and comfort. More shocks will be filtered out by this big damping zone and less impact will be felt by the riders. The riders will then be able to ride longer with less fatigue on the new Rhapsody.

Handling-oriented Geometry
A longer reach value paired with a slacker head angle (68 degrees when paired with a 100mm fork) increases the handling of the Rhapsody on technical downhill sections. The riders will get more confidence and control when trying to tackle some gnarly terrain. The chainstays remain incredibly short at 426mm, which provide much quicker handling and better traction, as the rear wheel’s contact patch is therefore closer to the rider’s centre of gravity. The new Rhapsody is a goat on switch-backs, tight turns and technical sections with its handling-oriented geometry.

Enormously Generous Tyre Clearance
Maximum tyre clearance is 3.0 inches on rims with 25mm internal width.
Maximum tyre clearance is 2.7 inches on rims with 30mm internal width.
When rims with 30mm internal width and 2.4-inch tyres become the new norm for XC race bikes, the generous tyre clearance of 2.7-inch means the new Rhapsody will plough through mud and sand, without worrying that the mud will build up and prevent the rear wheel from spinning.
(Please note that some 2.6-inch and 2.7-inch tyres won’t fit due to their larger side knobs. Actual clearance is depended on the choice of tyres)

T47 Threaded Bottom Bracket
The pre-embeded T47 bottom bracket thread unit weighs only 7 grams per side. The pre-embeded system has better bottom bracket stiffness, more precise crafting and lighter weight, when compared with a more traditional glued-on bottom bracket thread system. You also won’t have to worry about the paint around the bottom bracket being cracked with out pre-embeded T47 thread units on the new Rhapsody.

Three Bottle Cage Mounts
The brand new Rhapsody provides mounts for three bottle cages. It is an exciting news for those Cross-country Marathon racers or ultra endurance riders. For long-distance racers, one more bottle means less time spent in the feed-zones, which could be incredibly critical to the overall dynamics of a race. For endurance athletes, an additional bottle cage translates to the increase in milage with “one single charge”, so you can ride longer and further with worry!
The bottle cages were mounted on stainless steel base plates which provide greater contact areas for the cages. This ensures that the bottle cages are attached more securely, while at the same time making the bike more unique!

FCSFast Catch System
FCS is short for Fast Catch System, an invention from us that is the first in the industry! There is usually an option to mount a top-tube bag on either a triathlon bikes or a gravel bikes, to store snacks and tools. However, the rugged riding surfaces from mountain-biking would mean that the belongings inside the bag will rattle and hit each other. Therefore, we creatively invented a top tube bag that delivers closure and quick adjustments using a dial, which eliminates any rattling inside the bag, even when riding on the roughest terrain. Being able to release the dial to open the bag, grab what is needed, tighten the dial to close the bag, all quickly and smoothly while being on the bike, is very helpful for long-distance riding. This efficient system is a small step for us, but it will benefit a larger community of mountain bikers out there, and we are honoured to have created our unique Fast Catch System. The FCS top tube bags will come standard as stock with our brand new Rhapsody.

IPSIntegrated Protection System
The Integrated Protection System on our brand new Rhapsody is an integrated frame defence system that protects the frame from being damaged by spinning handlebars or fork crowns, in unfortunate incidents such as a crash. The Integrated Protection System consists of a metal pin on the inside of the head tube, as well as the anti-collision upper headset cup. This system sits flash with the rest of the top tube, hence won’t affect any adjustments in a bike fitting session.

Stock Chain Guide
Our proprietary chain guide uses a simple and reliable structure which is super light and efficient. It can be easily adjusted to fit chainrings of different sizes.

30.9mm Seat Post Diameter
The brand new Voice Rhapsody uses 30.9mm seat post diameter as dropper posts with a narrower diameter tend to have more mechanical issues, and a 30.9mm dropper post is more robust and reliable than a narrower 27.2mm seat post. We want to do our best to ensure our customers to have a trouble-free riding experience, even when using products not manufactured and produced by us.
Internal Cable Routing
We have always been a massive fan of external cable routing for mountain bikes. However, as electronic groupsets, especially wireless electronics shifters and derailleurs, become more and more accessible, internal cable routing is simpler and easier than ever before. Therefore, we have equipped our new Rhapsody with internal cable routing

Peak: (noun) the pointed top of a mountain; (adjective) at the highest level; maximum.
V-PEAKS stands for the top of the line offering for both the Voicecelo and VFV product lines. V-PEAKS products represent our most advanced industrial technology and the highest level of quality we put into a product. These products are the meeting-point of innovation and design. They are the lightest and strongest, and they symbolise our pursuit for the ultimate performance in the sport of cycling.
The Voice Rhapsody V-PEAK uses high modulus carbon fibre and advanced material layup, hand-made by our experienced builders with the highest level of craftsmanship. With the help of ultra lightweight paint finish, the frame weighs 850 grams in Size Medium.

About Voicevelo
Voice is the brand that designs and manufactures frames under Voicevelo.
VFV, short for “Voice for Victory”, is the brand that designs and manufactures high-performing components.
We have great respect for our products, as well as for the riders and the industry in general. We make voices for the sport of cycling.
By working closely with experts in the industry and professional athletes, we focus on innovation and developing new technologies, as well as introducing the best products we have to offer to the wider community of cyclists. We aim to express our passion and love for the sport of cycling via our excellent products.
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