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G major
Themelodyof Bach's PreludeinGMajor.This isverysimilartocycling,ridersafter alongandpainfulclimbtothe topofthemountainwhenthe finish, themagnificentsceneryand thesenseofachievementwill turn thehardrideintoasweet.Whenwewerecomingupwithaname forthis gravel bike,Bach'sG majorgaveus theidea,andthat's howitgotitsname.
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Performance and beauty
Theunknownroadmay befull of variables,    and G  major  haspreparedfor theseuncertainties,  throughourextensive  track experience to buildgravelroadframe,   allbasedoncomfortandreliability,  sothatyourelyontheequipment to performsteadily. Backedbystructuralmechanicsandextensive experienceincompositematerials, wehavedesigneda beautifulcombinationoflinesandtubes, givingthe G major,   whichweighsonly 790g, both shock absorption and  elegantappearance.

Impact Strength Enhanced design principle

For the use of non-paved road environment, change the usualrigidity priority or strength priority principle of framedevelopment, by moderately reducing the diameter of the pipeand adjusting the pipe type, in order to achieve the result ofthickening the wall thickness of the frame without increasingthe weight, so as to improve the resistance of these parts of therear fork of the lower pipe against single point impact, as well asthe overall impact tolerance of the frame. Make the frame morelikely to remain intact in the event of a crash.

Functional division of the frame area

The flat top tube and the seatstay and the lower end of theseattube the upper shock absorption area. The flat design ofthe three parts of the tube forms a large shock absorptionarea, so that the vibration from the bottom can be effectivelyfiltered and the vibration can be reduced for the rider

Abundant frame mounting holes
Top tube up /3 down /4
Down tube up /3 down /2
Seattube /2. Up to 14 mounting holes for easy mounting of bags.

Reliable T47 Bottom Brackets
The embedded five passes allow BB metal parts to be integrated
with the carbon fiber of the frame, avoiding the cracking and
peeling of the post-bonding process, and the weight is lighter. In
the case of the same crank shaft, the T47 Bottom Brackets bearing
is larger, and the rigidity and durability are higher.

Fully compatible with 1X or 2X chanirings.
The G major frame supports the installation of front derailleur and
road bike specifications of the 2X chainrings, the maximum support
of 54/42 tooth. As a competent gravel bike, it can also become a
comfortable endurance bike, ready to participate in long-distance
riding activities or group riding.
Wide tire clearance
The G major frame supports up to 700*47C or 650B*2.1

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